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Single Market Scoreboard

It is to be noted that the Single Market acquis applicable in EEA EFTA States does not coincide exactly with that applicable in EU Member States. This situation arises from the time lag between the adoption or abrogation of legal acts by the EU and their incorporation into or deletion from the EEA Agreement.

Any comparison of the results from the two different Scoreboards (this one and the EEA EFTA Scoreboard) has to take this difference into account. For more information on Norway’s performance, please see the EFTA Surveillance Authority’s Internal Market Scoreboard.

Evolution of transposition deficit


Transposition deficit: 0.4% (last report: 0.3%) – increase by 0.1 percentage point since December 2019 but still well below the 1% deficit target and the EEA EFTA average.  
EEA EFTA average: 0.8%

Overdue directives: 3 (last report: 2) with 1 being more than 2 years overdue.

Average delay: 12.1 months (last report: 14.7 months) – decrease by 2.6 months and still the lowest of the EEA EFTA countries.
EEAEFTA average: 30.6 months

Conformity deficit: 0% (last report: 0%) – stable result and perfect score.
EEA EFTA average: 0%

Evolution of infringement cases


Pending cases:26(last report: 25) increase by 1 case since December 2019.     
EEAEFTA average: 17 pending cases

Problematic sectors: Social Security (7) and Transport (6)

Average case duration: 40.2 months(last report: 44.7 months) – decrease by 4.5 months.
EEAEFTA average: 42 months

Compliance with Court rulings:33.8 months(last report 38.3 months) decrease by 4.5 months.
EEAEFTA average: 18.5 months

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