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Single Market Scoreboard

Access to public procurement (Austria)

Indicator 2021 EU average
Single bidder 25% 25%
No calls for bids 10% 6%
Publication rate (value advertised on Tenders Electronic Daily, in % of GDP) 4.8% 5.9%
Cooperative procurement (proportion of procedures with more than one buyer) 5% 5%
Award criteria (proportion of procedures awarded to cheapest bid) 34% 64%
Decision speed (days) 83   99  
SME contractors 57% 61%
SME bids 73% 73%
Procedures divided into lots 12% 31%
Missing calls for bids 4% 1%
Missing seller registration numbers 48% 29%
Missing buyer registration numbers 69% 11%

Note: A typical (mid-ranking) EU country is used for the EU average for all indicators except the publication rate. Due to delays in data availability, publication rate results are based on 2020 data.

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