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Single Market Scoreboard

Country data: Iceland

Transposition and Infringements (Iceland)

The single market body of law applicable in EEA EFTA States is not the exact same as in EU Member States. This is due to the time lag between the adoption or repeal of laws by the EU and their addition to or removal from the EEA Agreement.

Any comparison of the results between this Scoreboard and the EEA EFTA Scoreboard must take this difference into account. For more information on Iceland’s performance, please see the EFTA Surveillance Authority’s Internal Market Scoreboard.

Evolution of transposition deficit


Transposition deficit (percentage of all directives not transposed): 1.6% (last report: 1.2%) – an increase of 0.4 percentage points since December 2020 and still above both the 1% target qet by the European Council and the EEA EFTA average.
EEA EFTA average: 0.9%

Overdue directives: 12 (last report: 10), including 2 more than 2 years overdue.

Average delay in transposing directives: 15.6 months (last report: 14.3 months) – an increase of 1.3 months.
EEA EFTA average: 17.2 months

Conformity deficit (percentage of all directives transposed incorrectly): 0.1% (last report: 0.1%) – a stable result.
EEA EFTA average: 0%

Evolution of infringement cases


Pending cases: 21 (last report: 19) – an increase of 2 cases since December 2020.              
EEA EFTA average: 16 pending cases

Problematic sectors: transport (4) / right of establishment (3) / miscellaneous goods (3).

Average case duration: 33.1 months (last report: 39.2 months) – a decrease of 6.1 months.         
EEA EFTA average: 38.6 months

Time taken to comply with Court rulings: 21.8 months (last report: same).          
EEA EFTA average: 44.8 months

Internal Market Information System (Iceland)

Performance – Iceland performed poorly.

  • Results for four indicators were below the EEA average.
  • Performance declined significantly on requests accepted within 1 week, speed in answering requests and the timeliness of replies.
  • As in the previous year, respondents to the ‘efforts made’ survey expressed 100% satisfaction.
Requests accepted within one week (%)
Requests answered by the deadline agreed in IMI (%)
Satisfaction with timeliness of replies - as rated by counterparts (%)
Satisfaction with efforts made - as rated by counterparts (%)
Speed in answering requests (days)

Technical regulations information system (Iceland)


SOLVIT (Iceland)

  • Caseloadvery small
    Submitted cases: 1 (4 cases in 2020)
    Received cases: 2 (3 in 2020)
  • Cases not accepted: 5 (5 in 2020)

  • Resolution rate: 50% (100% in 2020)
  • Handling time (as home centre)
    Reply within 7 days: 100% (50% in 2020) – very good
    Cases prepared in 30 days: 100% (100% in 2020) – very good
    Solutions accepted within 7 days: 100% (50% in 2020) – very good
  • Cases not accepted within 30 days:  0% (20% in 2020) - very poor

  • Handling time (as lead centre)
    Cases accepted within 7 days:  100% (100% in 2020) very good
    Cases closed in 10 weeks:  0% (100% in 2020) – good
  • Staffing level
    Needs improvement


Access to public procurement (Iceland)

Indicator 2021 EU average
Single bidder 7% 25%
No calls for bids 7% 6%
Publication rate (value advertised on Tenders Electronic Daily, in % of GDP) n/a 5.9%
Cooperative procurement (proportion of procedures with more than one buyer) 1% 5%
Award criteria (proportion of procedures awarded to cheapest bid) 92% 64%
Decision speed (days) 43   99  
SME contractors 82% 61%
SME bids 98% 73%
Procedures divided into lots 3% 31%
Missing calls for bids 0% 1%
Missing seller registration numbers 42% 29%
Missing buyer registration numbers 0% 11%

Note: A typical (mid-ranking) EU country is used for the EU average for all indicators except the publication rate. Due to delays in data availability, publication rate results are based on 2020 data.

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