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Single Market Scoreboard

Performance Overview

Performance overview

The traffic light chart on governance tools below shows how countries have performed as regards those tools that have been monitored by means of selected indicators in each area.

Two more traffic light charts further below follow the same concept but show how countries performed in key single market policy areas,trade integration and market openness. Currently, they only feature a very limited number of areas, but the aim is to increase this number in the coming years.

The charts not only highlight where performance is above average (green), average (yellow) and below average (red), but also show at a glance the areas where countries are doing well and where more effort is needed.

For more on calculation methods and single indicators, see the thematic pages for each area.

Performance per governance tool


Performance per policy area


* Public procurement composite indicator does not capture all aspects of national public procurement, and thus gives only a partial view of member states’ performance.

Integration and market openness


Click on a green, yellow or red square (representing a country’s performance regarding a particular tool or area), and you will be directed to a country sheet for the country concerned. This explains in brief why the country has been rated green, yellow or red for each single market tool.

Also, click on Performance per Member State to access the country sheets.

For further information, see the detailed reports, with comprehensive charts and figures, under Performance per Governance Tool, Performance per Policy Area and Integration and Market Openness.

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